What is the margin call policy?

Your trading account will require trading margin. A margin call will be issued when your Margin Level (%) hits a level of 200%. To signal you that your account requires more margin, the dashboard terminal will turn pink/red and traders are advised to reduce their exposure or increase their available margin.

The critical level is at 100%, whereby open positions will be closed by AIMS in order to free up more margin. This is to prevent traders from an over-exposure in their trading positions and causing their accounts to go into negative equity. We have already included the credits that have been included into the trading equity and be used as margin, which means our customers already have an advantage of increased margin right from the start.

What is the Stopout Margin Policy?

Stopout Warning : Clients should be aware of company's methodology on stopping out the orders. When the level of stopout is reached (margin level 100%) then all orders will be automatically realized. Since our company operates on a fully STP model we are deemed to follow the same methodology of liquidation as the majority of our Liquidity Providers.

Below screenshot illustrates a real stopout process along with the particular comments. First comment field indicates the margin level at the moment of stopout, Second field indicates the account's equity, Third field indicates the account's margin and Last field indicates the credit field of the particular account.