1. Visit to and download the winebottler app.
2. Double click on the installation file and drag both “Wine” and “WineBottler” into Applications folder.
3. Launch the WineBottler app in the Application folder
4. Download Aimsfx MT4 Terminal from
5. Click on the Advanced tab on the WineBottler, click on the select File to browse the aims4setup.exe file which just downloaded.
6. Click on the Install button at the bottom right of the WineBottler. When prompted, type the following info and save it.
7. Save As: Aimsfx MT4 Terminal | Tag: Leave empty | Where: Choose Applications | Go through the installation process.
8. Type “Auric International Markets Ltd” and click Scan. Make sure Aims-MetaTrader Live and Aims-Demo is shown after the search.
9. Close the terminal to complete the installation process. When prompted, select the one with terminal.exe at the back.
10. To launch the terminal again, go to the WineBotller -> On My Mac and click on the Aimsfx MT4 Terminal.